//Respect The Plume

Respect The Plume

My business idea has been to create and then distribute a marker for cars that are following the funeral Cortège. It has to be traditional, respectful be clear to see.

The general public have literally forgotten how to behave when they come across a funeral.

I went to a meeting last week with a new partner in our new venture, and as I came out, I saw a hearse cross a main road from one side street to go straight across into another.

Cars approaching from both directions gave way to the three official cars, but as the rest of the family and friends’ cars started to cross, it was obvious that the waiting traffic was beginning to get impatient.

I have to give credit to two particular drivers, who waited until every car had gone across, despite continuous blasts from the horns of cars waiting behind them.

The problem was that all but a couple of cars who saw the hearse cross, nobody else in the quest knew that this was a funeral procession. Had this Funeral Director joined us in The Plume, the impatient cars would know why they were waiting.

This is what the funeral could look like

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