//Message from the founder and Managing Director, Darryl Edgar
Message from the founder and Managing Director, Darryl Edgar 2020-05-19T09:41:40+00:00

A message from founder and Managing Director, Darryl Edgar.

As we continue to navigate our way through the global pandemic we currently face, I wanted to explain what we’re doing to make sure that The Plume continues to run smoothly and support our customers

I would like to reassure you that our top priority remains providing our service to Funeral Directors and the families they serve in addition to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our staff and our customers.




At present:

All staff are working from home

We continue to fulfil orders as and when required

All our products are kept in a sanitised environment

The Funeral Service Industry has the unenviable task of incorporating the social distancing guidelines set by our government into duties we perform on a daily basis, this is particularly challenging as normally Funerals are a time when family and friends have the opportunity to pay their respects and celebrate the life of their loved one. Now, for the moment at least, families are being asked to STAY AWAY in order to STAY SAFE. Whilst this is a necessity, it can cause added stress as family members and friends still want to pay their respects, celebrate a life and feel connected in some way.

The Plume has already proven to stand out as a visual marker to others that a funeral is taking place and is starting to gain a level of respect from on lookers. For family and friends, it’s a unique way of celebrating the life of their loved ones and feeling a connect, be that by the traditional black or colours.

We fully support the ongoing campaign to revive the tradition of onlookers showing families of the bereaved some respect when they see a hearse or limousine by stopping for a minute, taking off their hat and bowing as it passes.

In order to continue to support the industry during these challenging times we have devised a support programme to assist funeral directors.

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