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Funeral Directors

Funeral Directors have always been an integral part of the community, offering, support and care whilst guiding bereaved families with options to ensure their day is one to of celebration.

We have worked closely with Funeral Directors over 2 years to develop The Plume as a product that gives families a choice to add something dynamic and unique to their celebration of the life of their loved ones.

Through our partner program, we work with the industry to provide this service and to continue to draw from their knowledge and experience as we continue to find ways in which to improve The Plume. Whilst adding value to the service provided by Funeral Directors.

A survey conducted by a leading agency said that 54% of those surveyed wanted their funeral to be a “celebration of life”. Some 48% said they wanted it to incorporate their favourite “hobby, colour, football team or music”.

A “celebration of life” isn’t for everyone as there are those who prefer the sober dignity of a traditional church funeral, or indeed a secular service that is solemn rather than celebratory. The Plume is also suited to such occasions.

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“Kane Family Funerals Ltd, acquired 8 plumes over a year ago – four in our brand colours of black and gold with magnetic bases and four in plain black with suction bases for following family cars

Our plumes have attended every funeral since and are much remarked upon by family members, mourners in general and ministers and officiants across the West Yorkshire districts.

We’ve always been proud of our ceremony and the plumes add a dimension of dignity that encourages other road users and also passers-by to give way or offer respect – similar to the response you will all be used to when the procession is horse-drawn.
Families much prefer the additional plume set to the pennants we used to use and these help to keep vehicles together.

We’ve found the team at The Plume to be so helpful. They are currently transforming one of my all black plumes into a branded black and gold plume so that our third limousine will be able to wear its hat when it joins the procession!

I am looking forward to offering the range of themes to families. We already change our tie and kerchief colours where there is a theme, so it will be an extra special touch to display the theme in procession on the vehicles.

I would highly recommend the Plume to any Funeral Director who wishes to add that extra special statement and dignity.”
R Kane
Kane Family Funeral Services

“The Plume has been a great addition to our product range and families have found that it adds a unique and emotionally connective touch to their day.”
S Goodridge – Goodridge Milford Funeral Directors